3D Printing: For a three-dimensional Education
This isn’t science fiction- it’s just science.
Digital Design to Physical Object

This printing can turn our classrooms into more interactive and holistic spheres.
How? Take a look at the life of Ravi.

  • 9 am, Geography class: Ravi holds a 3D model of the country and examines its topography.
  • 10 am, Biology class: He analyses the cross section of the brain by printing out a 3D model of it.
  • 11 am, History class: He finds artefacts from the Harappan civilization and is able to hold replicas in his hands.
  • 12 noon, Chemistry class: Ravi touches molecules and atoms instead of imagining them in his head.

But it doesn’t stop there.

  • Ravi could graduate and join an architecture course, printing out 3D models of his designs.
  • Or perhaps he wants to be a graphic designer, using his artwork to create solid models.
  • Or maybe even an engineer… printing out auto parts and computer parts to study them better.
  • 3D printing could change the way we look at education.
  • From studying abstract concepts to understanding tangible phenomena.
  • Education cannot get more hands on than this.

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