3D Printing: Everyday, Everywhere

3D Printing seems like an absurd, complicated piece of technology that could have no use in the daily life of the common citizen. But that’s a delusion. Because 3D printing, like most other technology, can make your routine so much easier and a lot more efficient. How? Read on.

1) Household Hacks

Imagine being able to print a clothes hanger, a keychain or a soap dish. No need for imagination- you can do it right now.


2) Toys and Models for Kids

Models cars, dolls and even puzzles- they can all be printed for children using 3D printers.


3) Emergency tools

Imagine finding yourself with a roomful of guests and only one can opener or paper cups. No need to do an emergency round of shopping- just print them out!

4) Adapters and Cable Holders

Electronic devices can be messy to handle. With 3D printers, you can print cable holders according to the size you need, as well as adapters, according to the kind of plug and cable you use.


5) Childproofing the house

No need to call for a professional anymore- simply print out all your childproofing needs with a 3D printer. Manage your cables and make your own latches!


6) Gardening Equipment

Print your own garden hoses and pots, custom-made for your needs and specifications.


7) Home Décor

Frames, candle holders, vases- name it and you can print it!


8) Education

3D printed models can go a long way in improving the quality of education a child receives in school.


9) Fixing broken items

A strong wind knocked over one of the toy ducks that sits in our balcony last week, and my sister spend three hours trying to fix the broken leg with super glue. 3D printers will shorten both that effort and time- simply print out another leg!


10) Arts and Crafts

3D printing can be used to make molds, stickers, and a wide variety of art and craft supplies.


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