3D Printing Workshop in Colleges

3d Printing Services In India

At Rapturize – 3d Printing In Education and 3d Printing Services In India our main aim is to improve the overall  skills and employment of the Indian Engineering college students by working together and converting book the geniuses into successful a well productive engineer who will surely build things “that work”

We always dream to try to create a world where the engineering college students develop enough skills which is very much needed by the industry and can be absorbed directly upon graduation. And thereby, we also help different companies to reduce their training expenses by recruiting the graduates who are skillful can be productive from the first itself.

Also, Rapturize always tries 3d Printing Services In India to bring companies closer to the colleges. We always transfer knowledge, the resources, and the technology from different companies to the colleges and skilled graduates as well.

And, we offer various training in engineering, designing, and manufacturing as well which are certified by industries and are delivered by well-qualified trainers.


Application of 3D printers is not just limited to schools but also to colleges and universities. Imagine university students making prototypes and designs and being able to produce them and analyse them within the classroom environment. College and University students work on more advanced models in a specialized domain of their choice. The education becomes a lot more diverse and in-depth, and 3D printing finds a way to be useful in almost every field of university education. Engineers can use 3D printed models to create prototypes and study small and intricate parts and machinery. Medical students can study cross sections of organs by simply printing out a 3D model of the organ they need. Graphic designers and fashion designers can also create models of their artwork, making their learning process much more effective and interactive. What’s more, 3D orienting finds its way into a number of other professional courses like culture and historical studies, biotechnology, architecture, and a number of other fields.

All this, and more is possible by incorporating 3D Printing into the education system. And Rapturize is your first step doing this. Rapturize is an innovative way to provide educational institutions with state-of-the-art technology that can make learning more interactive and fun. We specialize in providing databases for 3D printing models, handcrafted to suit the syllabus of your school. 3D printing could change the way we look at education. From studying abstract concepts to understanding tangible phenomena, education cannot get more hands on than this. Take a step forward and embrace the new, more interactive way of teaching and learning.