3D-Design Tech Lab

“3D printing a kidney today is something like trying to build an I-Phone with lego blocks.”

  • Cathal O’Connell

Rapturize offers wide range of 3d Printing Services In India.We offer high quality 3D printing has been proved as a boon for the modern day technological era. With it’s help we are able to 3D print our buildings, tools and even creating a functional human organ is possible. 3D Printing for producing a cellular construct was first introduced in 2003, when Thomas Boland of Clemson University patented the use of inkjet printing for cells.

We are a team that dreams of empowering the new generation through revolutionising methods of teaching by inculcating experiential learning through the use of 3d printers and 3d services with the help of trained educators.

3D printing may seem a bit cumbersome and confusing topic, but our interactive ways for Deployment programs makes it a fun to learn topic.

Our lab deployment programs includes the following steps :-

  • Workshops – that enables practical learning.
  • Design Tech lab setups – gives a great enthusiastic environment
  • Weekly training – Discussion on new topics
  • Stem Projects – Gives you work experience
  • Quarterly Assessments – Continuously checks your improvements on the topic.

Meterk DK-8-KZ 1000mW High Speed USB Laser Engraver

  1. Build Volume 21x21x26
  2. 1.75 mm dia filamen
  3. 1.75 mm dia filamen
  4. Frame dimensions 45x45x50
  5. Nozzle temperature: 160-280
  6. Filament support: PLA, ABS, HIPS, NYLON, WOOD/COPPER FILL.
  7. Resolution: ~100 Microns
  1. Filament Sensing
  2. Dual Extruder
  3. Multi material Printing
  4. Light weight < 10 kg